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What if… there was a way to mirror Amazon-level growth in your business?

Not 1,994%. But how about a reasonable doubling of your profits?

If this interests you, that possibility now exists!

Major retailers no longer scoff at the “Amazon Effect.” Effectively, their in-store traffic is now Amazon’s online fans, resulting in billions! (read article)

But… HOW are these savvy institutions getting “Amazoned” so easily?

Amazon leverages their online advantage to connect with customers using

1. A meaningful omni-channel approach measured by analytics

By real-time testing of both pricing and content, Amazon knows exactly what converts a shopper into a buyer. You can gain these same advantages:

a. No more guesswork because everything can be measured.
b. No more wasted budgets on marketing campaigns that produce zilch!
c. No more waiting months to determine whether a campaign works or not!!

2. Trust transforming into Loyalty… and raving Fans

Amazon converts evolve from trusting an online shopping website into what all businesses dream about – loyal fans — as a result of the ultimate customer experience through:

a. Compelling content via text pages and videos that inform
b. Reviews from prior purchasers known as social proof
c. Geo-targeting, wifi hookups, and in-store messaging
d. Rewards that encourage loyalty

So what?!

Ok, I’m getting to that.

As an entrepreneur — a small business owner — or an intermediate retailer, you want to be profitable. And that’s not going to happen if you get Amazoned!

The technology that Amazon used to grow at nearly 2,000% is now available offline and in the real world. And, even better than being cost-effective is that this hyperlocal marketing can be working for you within a few weeks! 

This new digital marketing is much more than just beacons. Our approach succeeds for a few key reasons:

  • Hyper-local / proximity
  • Mobile capable
  • App-friendly
  • Social media integrated
  • Real-time platform analytics

In a nutshell, it converts pedestrian traffic in close proximity to your retail business into shoppers and then buyers — and then from buyers into loyal fans. How?

If you’ve not heard of beacon technology, it’s simply
  • Small pieces of hardware about half the size of a hockey puck
  • Inside there’s a signal transmitter and a battery
  • Transmitting “notifications” to smart devices (both Android and Apple)
  • Designed to entice passersby to click to
    1. Video link – telling why they should visit your retail store
    2. Website or landing page – offering a flash sale!
    3. Facebook page – inviting them to register for discounts or premiums
  • Here’s a great tutorial interview on YouTube
A few examples to profit immediately:
  • Place mobile beacons in the car of all your delivery drivers to broadcast at maximum range (a football field) discounts if you order in 30 minutes
  • Place stationary beacons in each home you’ve listed for sale, providing a quick message from you as well as a video walkthrough of the property
  • Place a waterproof beacon in the mall fountain to offer passersby to visit your flash sale on whatever – reaching traffic normally beyond your signage or proximity
  • Place in your restaurant notifying customers to access your wifi for free, gaining permission to push messages of future discounts or loyalty programs to them
You need a client management system after your beacon(s) has sent notifications and/or video to the screens of their smart devices:
  1. Now that they’ve entered your store, how about giving them a 20% discount on today’s purchase… IF they perform an action like
    • Downloading your App
    • Registering on your Facebook page
    • Watching your video
    • And sharing it!!!
  2. Downloading your App provides you with INVALUABLE info
    • Their personal contact info
    • Permission to “push” messages to them about future offers, etc.
    • Opportunity to now push offers to them on their social media spaces. For example, send them a pizza coupon with a 3-hour expiration while they’re online chatting with Friends.
Simplified browser control to increase your sales immediately
  • Designed for the novice
  • Easy drag n drop to build a simple system
  • Change messages or video, by day and time, for any one or all beacons, assigning each beacon a different message to cause a different response
  • Delivering meaningful metrics — real-time — helping you measure and know what worked that day or week, and what not to continue!
Digital signage add-on
  • LG or Samsung screens interface with your beacon network
  • Making different offers to customers coming in the door for a breakfast menu in the morning until 10 a.m., lunch deals until 2 p.m., then happy hour specials beginning at 3 p.m., and finally shifting to dinner combos at 5 p.m.
  • And if they returning customer downloaded your App, the screen will greet them by name, and present loyalty offers to them based upon their frequency of visits

General Cost estimate:

  • We offer over 50 types of hardware, depending upon your need(s). The starting price is $60 to own each.
  • We provide access to a proprietary online portal that manages messages, metrics, signage, and customer communications. It’s designed where you can operate it yourself or hire a specialist.
  • Each notification (text and/or video) starts at $50/month; with volume, this may be decreased. Each beacon can transmit multiple notifications, and do so in English, Spanish, and French.
  • We offer customized work that can be as simple as connecting an API (sdk) to your App or as intricate as you can imagine.
  • FYI: we do not associate with MLM (network marketing firms) that inflate the costs of these devices in order to profit their downlines!

“The only limitation to this technology is your imagination!”

Reach out to our Team to determine what works best. contact@aventuremediallc.com